Offshore Company setup in UAE – Setting up an offshore business through the offshore company registration procedure is a popular option for organizations wishing to have a presence in Dubai and the UAE.

Companies that do not plan to conduct any business in the UAE, whether onshore or in one of the numerous free zones, can establish an entity under the UAE offshore regulatory system.

our experienced lawyer will assist you in preparing all documentation and setting up a company of your choice with advice on the best option to start your dream business.

  • Offshore company in Dubai
  • Company set up in other offshore jurisdiction
  • Cayman Island

  • British Virgin Island
  • Mauritius
  • Hong Kong
  • Panama
  • Singapore

FAQ about Offshore Company Setup in UAE | advocate office in Dubai

How do I set up an offshore company in Dubai?

Documents Required for the Offshore Company Formation in Dubai:

  • 6 monthly bank statements or an original bank reference letter (stamped by the bank).
  • Proof of Residence
  • UAE Business Plan ( At least for 3 years)
  • The stockholders’ curriculum vitae.
  • The shareholders are copied by Passport.
  • There are three possibilities for reserving a name.
  • Commercial Activity

what is an offshore company in UAE?

In the UAE, an offshore company is sometimes known as a “paper” business. A limited liability corporation with 100% foreign ownership is an offshore entity. But unlike an onshore firm, it is not granted a business or trade license to engage in any commercial activity in the UAE.

How much does it cost to set up an offshore company?

according to our legal services; offshore company setup in UAE is depending on where you incorporate and the type of business structure(s) being created, forming an offshore company can cost anywhere from $1685 in Nevis to $17,000 in China.


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