Banking and Finance law service in UAE – Al Hafeez Global Advocates & Legal Consultants, one of the leading law firms in Dubai, came up with a team of specialized experts for handling all types of financial and banking structures in Dubai & Globally. We hold a long-term history of advising in high-profile banking and all financial transactions. Whether lenders or borrowers, we provide legal services for both in all aspects.

For certain banks in UAE, we usually provide legal advice on all sorts of banking transactions, reviewing all banking contracts and forms, documenting credit facilities, securities, syndicated loans, loan agreements, terms & conditions for opening an account, and more.

Our expert banking & finance lawyers provide advice in the following areas:

Real Estate Financing

Our lawyers dealing with real estate financing hold in-depth knowledge and experience in real estate financing and property litigation. We update ourselves with today’s market trends and different financing avenues. We have listed the best Real Estate Financing consultants who deal with various sectors, including hotel and leisure, health care, financial institutions, etc.

Incorporation and Licensing of Financial Institutions

Suppose you are looking for an efficient team for handling the incorporation and licensing of financial institutions. In that case, expert assistance is mandatory as this is one of the areas that needs more importance. We hold skilled lawyers with years of experience establishing and licensing various financial institutions in the UAE, including local banks, foreign banks, and representative offices.

Islamic Finance

Our financial lawyers have in-depth knowledge and a deep understanding of Islamic finance matters and their related principles. We provide straightforward legal advice that works on all requirements related to Islamic finance.

Investment funds and structures

DIFC holds an attractive fund system with many local and external fund managers. Our lawyers in Dubai can provide you with all the details regarding the legislation for investments, its rules, and regulations, etc., in UAE. We have experience in handling all types of investment funds, including domestic funds, external funds, and even foreign funds.

Ship, Aircraft and Asset Financing

Our group of finance consultants covers a wide spectrum who have specialized in ship and offshore finance, aircraft finance, project finance including oil and gas, ports and terminals, logistics finance, and even assets related to the transportation industry.

Banking Litigation and Enforcement

In the UAE, Banks need expert legal representation for almost all banking-related matters. We represent you with Banking Litigation and Enforcement in all the Emirates in UAE. Our team of expert lawyers is always ready for counselling and advises you on the issues you face when operating a banking institution in the UAE.

Trade and Export Financing

Our team provides all the support and legal assistance that you are looking for related to trade and export financing. We hold broad experience in handling a wide range of commodity transactions to major trade finance facilities.

Financial Regulations

We provide expert advice on financial regulations for many of the financial services sectors. Our lawyers always focus on maintaining close contact with leading financial authorities and market operators. We are experienced in both legal and commercial matters in regional markets including DIFC.

FAQ about banking and finance in UAE

What is the law in banking and finance in UAE?

Banking and finance law in UAE is concerned with the contractual connection that exists between lenders and borrowers. The basic goal of all financial transactions is to negotiate and manage this connection such that the represented party’s interests are satisfied both legally and profitably.

Who regulates financial institutions in UAE?

The “on-shore” UAE has two regulators: the Central Bank of the UAE, which oversees banks, financial firms, payment service providers, and insurance companies, and (ii) the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA), which oversees markets, listed companies, and securities brokers


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