Soil Contamination

When toxic chemicals such as TCE and PCE are illegally disposed of by negligent corporations and end up in the soil, the effects can be far-reaching and disastrous. They can travel through many feet of soil to the groundwater, which many communities use for their drinking water supply and they can seep into buildings through cracks and ventilation systems in vapour form, known as vapour intrusion.

When this happens, the effects on your health can be catastrophic and the value of your home is badly damaged. When these cancer-causing chemicals threaten to destroy families and whole neighbourhoods, our attorneys at ALHGA Firm, step in to fight for the victims. Contact us to work with a legal team that truly cares about your case.

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We started taking environmental contamination cases in 2000. Since that time, our attorneys have developed a deep understanding of the complex scientific issues that are necessary to prove our client's allegations.

We know the experts to consult with to determine the depth of the problems plaguing your family, and we know how to construct a class action lawsuit that will help not just you, but your neighbours. Our relentless commitment to getting justice for our clients has earned us the respect of former clients, judges and attorneys we face off against.

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